Custom brand photography example of skin care products


Alongside producing stock photography, I am a product and brand photographer who works with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs to elevate and grow their brands and businesses through high-quality imagery.

Stock images are a great resource that can have applications in all kinds of situations, but sometimes stock just doesn’t cut it. Custom brand photography gives you a chance to put your products, yourself and what you do front and center.

An image series that is carefully designed with your brand values and aesthetic in mind can work wonders for your website, print materials and more. Meticulously designed images aligned exclusively with your brand and featuring your products can help you attract your ideal clients, elevate and accelerate your business, deliver a consistent message that makes you stand out and give you confidence every time you use them to promote your business.

I have worked hard to create a very simple collaborative process that will help bring the heart of your business to light, leading to images that truly represent your brand. The best part is that the setup allows you to easily - and quickly - provide feedback so you can focus your attention on the many other aspects of running a business, confident that your brand and products are going to look better than ever.

Custom brand photography might be for you if:

  • You’re a creative entrepreneur or small business owner who works hard and has big dreams but who simply doesn’t have the time to put into creating branded imagery.
  • Your DIY product shots are taking far too long to produce, and the results aren’t matching what you envisioned.
  • You feel as though the images currently used by your brand don’t match the quality of your work or products.
  • You keep seeing the same over-used stock photography showing up again and again in your industry.

How it works

 All of my custom brand photography packages involve consultation to ensure that the camera captures the depths of your brand. We will identify pre-existing images that represent a look and feel you adore and will use them to develop a mood board that identifies the common threads that are the foundation of your brand and that will drive the creative direction for the photo shoot.

Once an aesthetic baseline is in place, I'll begin sourcing props and backgrounds that will bring the photos to life. If you have products or props that you want to be included in the photographs, you simply mail them to me with prepaid return shipping and I’ll send them back after the photos are complete. As soon as you approve a few test shots, I will complete the final styling and photoshoot.

Any on-location sessions will be booked to best suit your schedule.

The entire custom brand photography process allows you to give plenty of input without sacrificing loads of your valuable time. In the end, you’ll get a collection of high-quality edited images, in both web-size and high-resolution print quality, delivered to you via Dropbox, ready to be used however you see fit. If you’re interested in any of the packages listed below, please contact me and together we can get to work on stunning images that show off and elevate your brand.




These custom packages are designed to showcase your products or provide you with a series of images styled and customized to your brand aesthetic.


  • Pre-shoot questionnaire
  • In-studio styled product/custom image shoot
  • Full usage rights
  • 10, 25, or 50 edited images for use in print and online, delivered via Dropbox

$327 for 10 images

$747 for 25 images

$1397 for 50 images


*Additional prop costs may apply



These on-site portraits are tailored to communicate who you really are and allow you to show off your personality in a location of your choice.


  • Pre-shoot questionnaire
  • 1-hour on location shoot
  • Full usage rights
  • 15 edited images for use in print and online, delivered via Dropbox


for 15 images



*Travel costs may apply



This package is ideal for the entrepreneur or business owner who wants a combination of on-location images and styled product/custom images.


  • Pre-shoot questionnaire
  • 1-hour on-location shoot of you and your office/shop/space
  • In-studio styled product/custom image shoot
  • Variety of images - portrait, environmental, product
  • Full usage rights
  • 75 edited images for use in print and online, delivered via Dropbox


for 75 images



*Travel and additional prop costs may apply