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Product, brand and stock photographer Siân Cox of Siân C Photography working

Hey there, it's me Siân...working away creating polished imagery for small business owners and bloggers who dream big, making it easy for them to showcase their style and stand out from the crowd.

I live in Tillsonburg, Ontario with my husband of 25 years, our youngest son – our two oldest children have already left the nest and of course Daisy Dog, who you probably know if you follow me on Instagram.

I’m a pretty simple person. I love my morning coffee – always 2 cups  and I often drink it watching the birds that come to my backyard feeders. While I do like cats I am definitely a dog person. I think just about any time is a good time for a Josh Groban album and a good book. Oh, and I enjoy an avocado or bowl of ice cream whenever I can but never mix the two.

I take a lot of pictures. Thankfully, I love doing so. I find being a stock, brand and product photographer for small business owners and bloggers as they grow their brands extremely rewarding. Not only do I get to shoot incredibly varied subjects, but it's exciting to think that my images might have the potential to help someone on their way to realizing their big dreams.

Thanks for stopping by my website! I'd love to hear from you - please feel free to connect with me on Facebook at siancphotography, Instagram at sian_c_photography, or send me an email.