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Thinking Outside the Square: Getting The Most From Your Stock Photo Investment

For the convenience of quickly posting them to Instagram, gramThis images are squarebut that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way! In fact, there are plenty of reasons and ways to change the dimensions of a gramThis photo.

First and foremost, the pictures don’t have to be posted as squares, not even on Instagram. While Instagram’s grid view will show a square section of a non-square photo, landscape or portrait photos will display accordingly in the regular feed. Changing the format of your posts from time to time is an easy way to keep things fresh. Plus, it’s super simple to do: just use your favourite editing app or program to crop down to the part of the picture you like best before posting it to Instagram. Though gramThis images have been resized for web use they are of a high enough resolution that cropping them won’t hurt the image quality much.

It’s also easy to find uses for gramThis images outside of Instagram. For example, I cropped the gramThis photo below into a rectangle and overlaid a few shapes and some text to create a pin for Pinterest. It’s quick, easy, and I think it looks great.


These sorts of crops are also great for the story features on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Apart from cropping them, the square photos can also be placed on a rectangular background. This method showcases the full square image while allowing for a landscape or portrait format where needed. The white or coloured background also provides the perfect space to overlay text if you don’t want any on the on the image itself. I’ve put together a couple of layout examples below.



Square, rectangular, triangular, and beyond: gramThis images are versatile and can be molded to your needs. Plus, at only $2 each they are an easy and affordable way to add eye-catching imagery to your social media accounts, website, newsletter and more. Why not browse the gramThis catalogue and see if anything snags your fancy? Or, if you haven’t yet done so, subscribe to my email newsletter and get a selection of free images right away plus monthly codes for additional free photos.

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