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Launch Day - What is gramThis? Imagery For Your Social Media Spaces!

Hi everyone,

Today’s a big day – it’s the launch of my reworked website with a new service that I have been working on for a while now. I'm excited to introduce you to the new, featuring gramThis, a service designed to provide small business owners with quick access to affordable, high-quality social-media-ready images.


gramThis is my attempt to fill what I view as a gap in stock photography options for small businesses. While there are many great stock photo subscription services and bundles available, sometimes all you need is quick access to a single image or two. In such situations, a large bundle of images isn’t necessarily the best option. Similarly, pricey individual images can be a barrier for owners of small businesses who are looking to get their brand established.

That’s why gramThis has no monthly subscription fees and no complicated bundles. Instead, each image is priced at $2, making it easy and affordable to browse the catalogue of 490+ (and growing!) images to find one that suits your needs.

Or, if you need more than one or two pictures, the gramThis Pick-A-Pack discounts make larger orders affordable as well. Any set of 5 gramThis images automatically qualifies for a $4 discount, meaning you’ll get 5 photos for just $6. This way, you can build your own image bundles, knowing that the bundle contains images you’re certain you want. Pick-A-Pack discounts are automatically applied at checkout and scale to the size of your order – a cart of 10 gramThis images gets an $8 discount, an order of 15 is discounted by $12, and so on.

Being able to freely mix and match images in a bundle means you aren’t confined to a specific theme. Snag a picture of a summer dock, a Halloween scene and a cozy mug of coffee, all at once! In the end, gramThis is here to get the resources you need into your hands with as few barriers as possible.

The images are pre-cropped into squares and sized to be perfect for services such as Instagram, so the process of brightening up your feed can be as easy as downloading and posting. Of course, if you want to add some personal flair to the images, you can add text, filters or other edits as you see fit.

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