How to Add Text to a Photo using the Mobile Canva App

Overlaying Text onto Your Stock Photos

Last week I posted a video to my Instagram Stories showing just how easy it is to get stock photos from the gramThis catalogue onto your phone. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can find it in my Instagram Highlights. And you can also go to the FREE section on gramThis to get some images to give this tutorial a try!

How to add text to a photo using the Canva app for mobile. An easy step by step tutorial for small business owners and social media content creators

So now that you’ve found the perfect stock image you might want to customize it and make it your own so that it stands out in social media. Adding a text overlay, whether it be the date of your next workshop, your latest ad campaign slogan or an inspirational quote, is an easy addition that gives your photo that extra edge it needs to get noticed.

I always used to do text overlays in photo-editing software on my desktop computer but these days you need look no further than your phone. There are plenty of great image editing apps available for use on both android and IOS. Having the option to edit on the go using your phone allows you to keep up with social media without spending hours sitting at a desk.

There are all kinds of mobile editing apps out there and I have tested out a bunch of them! Personally, the one I like the most for overlaying text is Canva.

The Canva App:

  • Is free
  • Works on Android and IOS
  • Has lots of fonts to choose from
  • Allows you to adjust the opacity of the text
  • Allows you to use HEX code for color
  • Is intuitive if you’ve are familiar with the popular desktop version

Step by Step:

1.) Once you’ve downloaded Canva onto your phone open it up, click “see all” in the Instagram Post section and choose a blank white screen


2.) Tap the white screen to open the upload screen, to choose an image from your gallery and tap the "+" sign.


3.) A number of editing options will become available across the bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Text’.


4.) Tap ‘Add some text of your own’  and type out your quote or other text.


5.) You can use the different tools to stylize your text by changing the font, changing the color, changing the font size, changing the letter spacing and line height. You can also use the move and rotate tools to place the text where you want it on the image.


6.) When you’ve got your image the way you want it tap the download button in the top-right corner to save it to your gallery.


Social media platforms are visual and users are hit with an overwhelming number of photos every day. Don’t let yours get lost. With today's technology the ability to  create quality visual content is as close as your phone. And with apps like Canva available for free you can create social media images that will get you noticed even if you have limited design skills.

Don't forget to snag yourself some FREE gramThis images to give this a try!

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